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Click below for a 20 minute trial of the Self System.

This is not so much a service as a technology demo at this point, so there are a strictly limited set of Self worlds that can run at the same time. If you can't get a world, then please try again later.

If you succeed, you will get a link to a Self console, and to a morphic desktop, and a username/password to log on.

It should work on any recent-ish web browser.

1. Choose a location near you:

2. Try Self!


25 November 2020 - Open to all, OurSelf trial desktops no longer need an invite!

20 November 2020 - Backend changes: sshfs deprecated as unreliable. Using xfs snapshots instead.

14 November 2020 - Lucky early users can now register for accounts to run Self worlds without time limits!

31 May 2020 - Ourself.io is now workable from tablets and phones with soft keyboards.

12 April 2020 - Hello Tokyo!

10 April 2020 - a significant backend reworking means we now have a choice of servers to reduce latency. Sydney and Silicon Valley so far, more to come.

21 February 2020 - trial world now has fonts working, at least oldstyle bitmap X11 fonts!

17 February 2020 - backend is now a little bit more safe, concurrency-wise

1 August 2019 - multiple users can now collaborate on a Self world.

12 July 2019 - more boring changes behind the scenes to improve robustness

7 July 2019 - changes behind the scenes to improve security of websockets and prepare for multi-user worlds.

1 July 2019 - improvements to cleanup of expired sessions, and to robustness of starting worlds.

28 June 2019 - OurSelf opened to public to rapturous applause.